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2022 Thai Hom Mali Rice New

2022 New Crop Rice has just arrived so you can now enjoy early crop rice which is slightly ‘wet’ after cooking, having a unique freshly-harvested fragrance also,

Sunlee brand is what we consider the ‘best of the best’, appreciated by connoiseurs for it’s deep fragrance and nice texture.

Thai jasmine rice is recognized around the world as having the finest quality–it’s Thailand’s principle export product. Jasmine rice was developed years ago in Thailand. The agricultural name is “Khao Dawk Mali 105”, rice with a distinctive jasmine scent, also known locally as Khao Hom Mali.

Easily prepared using an electric rice cooker. You can also steam jasmine rice the traditional way–see our street vendor video for a great example.

New Crop 2021 Thai Jasmine Rice is Also Available in 5 Pound Bags from Sunlee We also offer brown jasmine rice , broken rice, sticky rice, and red cargo rice. Rice is grown throughout Thailand in large flat fields which become brilliant green as the rice paddy matures before harvest. Some regions provide for harvest of jasmine rice twice yearly, other areas can support a harvest just once per year.